Character America, LLC

Better people for a better society.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass

The idea for Character America began in October of 2013.  Character America was founded in the state of Colorado as a Limited Liability Company in November of 2013 by Dr. Timothy Woodard.

Dr. Woodard is a board-certified psychiatrist with over ten years of clinical experience.  Dr. Woodard speaks publicly and publishes a blog on topics medical, scientific, political, religious, moral and social.  He also speaks on the subject of physician burn out and the effect it is having on American health care. 

The goal of Character America is to stimulate a collaborative and respectful discussion between mental health professionals, moral health professionals and all others who share the belief that a strong, healthy and well-functioning society must be composed, first and foremost, of strong, healthy and well-functioning people. 

Character America has absolutely no political or party affiliations.  The views expressed on this website are exclusively those of Dr. Woodard and represent the views of no other official agency except Character America.